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Audit standards are based primarily on current local, state or federal regulations as well as internal company standards and industry best practices. They focus on reducing risk factors (practices and procedures known to lead to foodborne illness).


We always check-in with managers when we arrive. If time permits, managers are encouraged to accompany us on our audits.


When appropriate, we use a computerized auditing system, to evaluate the entire facility, document findings and make recommendations as we progress.

Audits can be conducted using a rating system, where each deficiency is assigned a number and given a certain point value. By having pre-determined point values, we can ensure consistency and objectivity during the auditing process.

A percentage score can then be calculated based on the number of deficiencies noted against the total number of possible points.

The scoring portion of the auditing program provides us with a way to measure the occurrence of noted deficiencies, especially known risk factors, allowing us to gauge program effectiveness.

If you prefer, we can use the same audit form, but eliminate the rating component. Some clients prefer this approach because it provides a more flexible means of introducing the auditing program to personnel at all levels of the operation. As the program gains acceptance, the rating system can be implemented to more objectively measure program effectiveness.


At the end of each audit, findings are reviewed with the person in charge and/or member of management, to clarify cited problems and issues, and to discuss possible solutions.

We leave a computer-generated copy of the report on-site, immediately following the audit. It includes a summary of deficiencies, divided into three categories; risk factors, critical items and non-critical items.

The report also includes recommended solutions to cited problems and space to document corrective actions. This helps you bring all aspects of food safety up to standard, quickly and efficiently.

Copies of the report can also be sent via email for review by members of upper management with food safety oversight responsibilities.

An annual summary report is also provided, so that repeated deficiencies and trends can be reviewed. Our clients are very happy with this type of reporting system because it allows them to track performance issues over time rather than looking at the facility as a single snapshot in time.


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