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In addition to conducting audits to assess compliance to food safety standard operating procedures (SSOPs) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs), we can also conduct an assessment of your current HACCP Plan.

If your HACCP Plan is mandated by a regulatory authority, you are required to review it on a yearly basis to verify that it is effective over time.

Whenever significant changes are made in any of the following areas, they must be incorporated into the HACCP Plan and the plan must be revalidated.

• Products added

• Formulations changed

• Processes or packaging added or changed

• Menu items added

• Suppliers, customers, equipment or facilities changed

• Regulatory requirements changed

• Introduction of new technologies that may impact food safety

Our HACCP verification audits are designed to provide a complete review of your written HACCP Plan to ensure that it reflects current operational conditions and that it is functioning effectively.

Failure to comply with your HACCP Plan can result in serious consequences including:

• Re-inspection

• Hearings

• Warning letters

• Citations/Administrative fines

• Permit Suspension

• Injunctions

• Emergency Closure

Audits involve observing procedures and thoroughly reviewing records. Following the audit, our findings are reviewed with the person in charge and/or member of management, to clarify cited problems and issues, and discuss possible solutions.

You also receive a comprehensive written report of our findings, along with recommended solutions to cited issues, enabling you to bring all aspects of your HACCP Plan and operational procedures into full compliance.




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