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When it comes to food safety, what do you worry about?

We offer our clients the opportunity to have a knowledgeable professional evaluate important food safety risks within your operation.

Offering a fresh perspective and a keen eye to detail, we can help you assess the specific food safety needs of your operation – what’s working, what can be improved, and what's the most efficient, cost-effective way to put changes into action.

When you invest in a needs assessment, you've taken the first step in identifying gaps between optimal and actual performance, and establishing priorities for actions. We inspect the facility and assess programs that support the food safety aspects of your operation.

The assessment is based on the regulatory requirements within your jurisdiction as well as you own internal standards.

We take an educational approach to conducting needs assessments. We spend time observing food safety procedures and adequacy of corrective actions when a deviation from documented policies or regulations occurs. We also spend time investigating the cause of procedural deficiencies and work with members of your team to make necessary changes to prevent further improper practices.

Assessments include a full report of our findings along with recommendations for improvement. The average time to conduct a full assessment would vary according to size and scope of the operation and may require more than one visit. They're also scheduled at times acceptable to everyone involved and are completed within a specified time period.

Clients that have worked with us on formal needs assessment projects have invariably found that our services helped them pinpoint gaps and potential trouble spots in existing practices, operations efficiency, and equipment and structural design.

A small investment of time and money can pay big dividends in improved food safety.


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