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HACCP provides the most progressive method available for ensuring food safety by focusing on prevention and control.

It requires that we analyze food handling methods throughout the entire flow of food through the operation, in a systematic, scientific manner in order to identify critical control points and to establish critical limits, monitoring procedures and appropriate corrective actions.

Written HACCP Plans/Procedures

Implementing a well-designed HACCP program provides food establishment operators and food handlers with a high level of control over product safety.

However, HACCP is not a stand-alone program. HACCP systems must be built upon a firm foundation of compliance with current Good Retail Practices (GRPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

When GRPs and SOPs are in place, HACCP can be more effective because we can concentrate on the hazards associated with the food or methods of preparation, and not on deficiencies related to equipment or maintenance of facilities. We can also address problems or suggest improvements in operational efficiencies.

We'll assist you in developing standard operating procedures and HACCP guidelines throughout the food flow (for those foods that represent a consumer risk) by:

• assessing hazards

• identifying critical control points

• implementing monitoring procedures to address identified
  critical control points

• developing appropriate corrective actions should critical
  limits be exceeded

We'll also develop the necessary forms for maintaining records that document adherence to established state and local regulations.

These documents, along with a self-inspection checklist, help us determine if revisions or improvements are necessary as a proactive measure, rather than a reactive one.





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