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A complete plan review clears the way for faster approval.

To comply fully with all state and/or local regulatory requirements, prior to construction or remodeling, food establishments must submit detailed design plans and equipment specifications for approval.

A good plan review will spot potential problems while still on paper, so modifications can be made before costly mistakes are made during purchasing, construction or installation.

Once construction is complete, a regulatory inspection is conducted to verify that all design and installation requirements have been met.

Food establishment plan review is recognized as an important food safety component that allows:

• regulatory agencies to ensure that food establishments are built
  or renovated according to current regulations and
to eliminate
  code violations prior to construction

• industry to establish an organized and efficient flow of food

It also allows industry to establish an organized and efficient flow of food

Our plan review process includes:

• reviewing the plans

• meetings to discuss plans and revisions

• supplying proper documentation to health departments

• preparing the facility for pre-operational and operational
  regulatory inspections

For new facilities and those undergoing extensive remodeling, let us help guide you through the plan review process.

For more information, please feel free to contact us by phone, or by email, using the link below.

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