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Food safety is a concern for all consumers.

They expect safe, clean food every time they eat out or purchase food for home preparation.

How can you meet those expectations? By providing the highest level of food safety training available. Learning how to protect food and prevent foodborne illness is essential.

Training has long been considered a safety net since monitoring is not always present or consistent. It also also provides a way to let everyone know what is expected.

Safe Food Management has been providing approved food safety educational programs for the food industry since 1982. During that time, we have successfully trained thousands of food service professionals. We have an unrivaled reputation for quality training programs.

We provide Food Protection Manager Certification and non-certification classes for food handlers at your site or ours.

We also offer the following on-site training programs to existing clients:

• Bloodborne Pathogens

• Hazardous Materials – “Employees Right-to-Know

Our programs are convenient, flexible and affordable. We can design training programs for every level of your organization. All training programs can be modified to meet specific jurisdictional requirements.

On-site Training

Train where you want, when you want with our on-site training programs.

For years, Safe Food Management has offered on-site, language-specific food safety training programs - tailored to your needs - at your location – without disrupting work. Now, with tighter travel budgets and heavier workloads, on-site training delivers even more value.   

Regardless of the materials we choose for these programs, there is a great deal of flexibility when designing classes and seminars on an in-house basis. We can tailor the training materials and course content so it relates directly to your operation. You get to call all the shots and do what's best to suit the needs of your staff and business.

We can offer a program that combines home study with classroom time so that your business can meet specific certification requirements. We can also offer language-specific training programs at your location.

Benefits of On-site Training

Before opening
During off-peak work hours
After closing

Cost Effective 
Reduce travel time and time away from work
Reduce or eliminate meal and travel expenses

Information can be tailored to fit your operation
Delivered to all associates at the same time

Format can be tailored to meet your needs
The configuration of time is up to you
Private one-on-one sessions are also available

Costs are fixed, regardless of how you break up
the hours. Costs are based on time, not the number
of associates - the more employees needing training,
the more you save.

Let us work with you to design a program to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless!

To inquire about, or request On-site Training, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email, using the link below.



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