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As part of the new Massachusetts Food Allergen Awareness Regulation, all Certified Food Protection Managers must receive food allergen awareness training, offered by a verification program recognized by the Department of Public Health.

The deadline for receiving the training is February 1, 2011.

To register for the Food Allergen Video Training and Certification:

Follow the link below to the CompuWorks website.

Click on "Buy Now" (it looks like you're buying a book).

In the shopping cart, enter SFM in the box that says "Discount Code enter coupon code here".

Click "Apply Coupon". This will update your "Grand Total". It should now say "$8.00".

Click "Proceed to Checkout" below the Grand Total and follow CompuWorks' instructions to complete the purchase.

If you experience any difficulty with your registration, please call CompuWorks at 781-224-1113.

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The Massachusetts allergen training video provides current information about food allergies and celiac disease-related food intolerance, including:

- the major food allergens; celiac disease and the food   intolerances it produces

- symptoms of allergic reactions and celiac disease-related   reactions to food

- procedures restaurants should follow to educate customers   about food allergies and celiac disease

- steps restaurants should take if a customer has an allergic or   celiac disease-related reaction to food.

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What is the Food Allergy Awareness Act?

The Act Relative to Food Allergy Awareness in Restaurants (FAAA) was signed into law by Governor Patrick in January 2009.

The purpose of the Act is to minimize risk of illness and death due to accidental ingestion of food allergens by increasing restaurant industry and consumer awareness of regulations and best practices with respect to major food allergens.

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When do the new food allergy awareness regulations go into effect?

On October 1, 2010, the food allergen poster and menu advisory requirements will go into effect.

By February 1, 2011, food establishments subject to the regulations must have on staff a certified food protection manager who has viewed the training video and obtained a training certificate.

Who is responsible for enforcing the food allergy awareness regulations in 105 CMR 590.000?

The Act gives the authority for enforcement of the regulations to local boards of health as the primary agencies responsible for enforcing the State Sanitary Code.

What happens if a food establishment does not comply with the regulations as required?

Failure to have a poster, menu notice, or proof of training when required will be debited by the local board of health as a critical item on the inspection report requiring corrective action within 10 days. Local boards of health may use fines and other enforcement actions available under 105 CMR 590.000 and state law to achieve compliance.

Where can an approved food allergen safety poster and other guidance materials be obtained?

Free food allergy safety guidance for industry including a food allergy awareness poster approved by the Department’s Bureau of Environmental Health/Food Protection Program will be made available for downloading from any of the following web sites:

MDPH Food Protection Program -

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network -




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