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Safe Food Management has led the way in providing timely, comprehensive food safety training and certification programs.

We were the first company to offer a special eight-hour format for the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Program.

We offer classes at your establishment, where you choose the day and time.

Our program is specifically designed for highly motivated, key foodservice personnel.

We not only prepare foodservice managers to pass the certification examination; we also provide valuable information to help managers and operators put critical food safety practices into action.

Attending a class prior to taking the exam is highly recommended. It's usually the most effective and enriching way of learning and preparing for the exam.

We receive consistent, positive feedback from our participants because we present the material in a simple, easy to understand format. We also use real-world situations to build a solid understanding of food safety.

Instruction focuses on the practical application of food safety rules, based on the current FDA Food Code and, where applicable, supplemental local regulations.

Whether you are taking the class for the first time, or renewing your certificate, participants find our classroom materials useful when preparing for the exam.

Course Registration Options
We offer a number of certification options, which may include:

• Classroom instruction
• Course book and classroom materials
• Exam fee
• Shipping and handling for the course book
• Certificate, after passing the exam (valid for 5 years)

Exam Scores

The final exam is taken at the end of the class. (Certification is based on a passing grade of 75%).

You can find out your score within
10-15 days of taking the exam, but receiving the actual certificate may take up to 4 weeks.

The certificate you receive after passing the exam is nationally recognized, so it can be transferred to most other locations within the United States.

Needs of a Diverse Staff
Today our workforce is more diverse than ever. When your business is on the line, it's important that food safety be everyone's first language. To address this critical challenge, we offer the following:

Course books and exams in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean

Exams only in Japanese, French-Canadian and Large Print

When you register, you'll be asked to specify which language you prefer. Otherwise you will receive the course book in English.

We provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities following procedures that are consistent with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

This includes alternate test formats (e.g., oral instead of written) and test aids (e.g., translators, readers or large-print booklets). For more information, click here.

If you're interested in hosting a class at your establishment, please call 617-523-5450.





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