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Food safety is the most pressing issue facing the food service industry today.
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As we look at the impact of the coronavirus on foodservice operations, businesses have to think about what they can do to survive, and hopefully thrive, during, and after the pandemic.

Although we have to follow the mandates of our government, it’s consumer expectations and reactions to your actions that will determine if they feel safe enough to venture out, and more specifically, to your establishment.

Implementing safe practices, and educating your customers about the steps you’re taking to protect them, and the food you serve, will mean the difference between surviving, or thriving.

Protecting the Public

The safety of the public is, and should be, your first concern.  The key to holding your competitive position depends on providing high quality, safe food. You must do everything you can to protect the food while it’s under your control.

Our primary goal is to help you do just that, by designing and implementing a Food Safety/Quality Assurance program based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Our experience has shown that, by following the principles of HACCP, we can identify existing problems, predict future problems, and take corrective actions before illness or injury can occur.

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