Safe Food Management is led by industry experts with extensive knowledge in the areas of food safety and food safety management systems. From assessment and planning to program implementation, our clients choose us because we apply a proven process to every project to ensure you get the most from your time and money. We are committed to delivering realistic, timely services, tailored to your specific needs and designed to meet all regulatory requirements and avoid unnecessary risk. As a complement to training and auditing services, we offer special services that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of food protection and compliance with all current federal, state, and local regulations.


If you need help getting your operation back up and running after a temporary suspension of your permit, or closure, or if you’ve been instructed by your regulatory agency to hire a consultant as part of an agreement to reopen, we are here to help!

We can provide crisis intervention services that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of food protection and compliance to current federal, state, and local regulations, including but not, limited to the following:

  • Represent you at health department meetings and inspections.
  • Develop SOPs, checklists, and/or records to ensure future compliance
  • Provide progress reports, and/or third party audits to the health department until situation is resolved


A plan review is an important food safety component that allows regulatory agencies to ensure that food establishments are built, or renovated according to current regulations.

This will enable you to establish an organized and efficient flow of food, identifying potential problems while still on paper so modifications can be made before costly mistakes are made.

Our plan review includes:

• Reviewing the plans
• Meetings to discuss plans and revisions
• Preparing the facility for pre-operational and operational regulatory inspections.